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Delve into your dreams, and find your inner voice ~

Dream Yoga Maui

Dream Yoga was developed by Dr. Joseph Dillard, LCSW, in private practice with his clients and with students over more than twenty-five years. While Tibetan dream yoga emphasizes the mastery of lucid dreaming in the service of enlightenment, the approach you will explore here involves learning to practice deep listening to aspects of yourself that are already, right now at this present moment, enlightened. In the process, you will meet many other internal muses who will guide you in healing, balancing, and transforming your life. They will tell you how and why you are stuck and what you need to get unstuck.


As you align your waking goals with the innate pattern of wholeness within you, life gets easier. You get out of your own way. You stop sabotaging your own growth. You make healthier decisions regarding your habits and friends. You will be able to establish and maintain a lifestyle that is based on your own personal integral transformational practice, including healthy habits of nutrition and exercise, empathy and non-reactivity in communication, wise financial decisions, and effective meditation.

Created by Dr. Dillard

Dr. Joseph Dillard has been a mentor to Rhonda since she started studying Dream Yoga with him in the year 2000. She attended classes with him at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona. The certification was 200 hours, Her ordination took place on January 6, 2003 entitling her to serve her Soul , and the work of the Divine in service to the world as both a Pastoral Counselor and a Minister of Dream Yoga.

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